Welcome to Bitdeer’s Mining Industry Report, September 2021 edition. Our monthly report provides an overview of the biggest news in the cryptocurrency mining industry and an analysis of the latest mining metrics.

Industry News

Bitcoin Mining Currently Extremely Profitable

A combination of factors, resulting from China’s ban on mining back in May, has seen Bitcoin mining become…

Crypto Caution Is the Preamble to Mainstream Usage

Don’t get spooked by official intervention — fair regulation is a step toward making crypto easily accessible to everyone in the world.

Scan some headlines, and you’ll see how crypto has serious backing from visionary permabulls like Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk…

BitDeer.com, a global leader in digital assets mining and cloud service platform, is bringing eight of the most trusted companies in the mining space together for their second annual BitDeer.com Wet Season Festival and Mining Ecology Conference.

BitDeer.com officially launches the second coming of the annual Wet Season Festival on…


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