Bitdeer Group Established by Jihan Wu Announces New Business Venture

3 min readMar 30, 2021

--, the world’s leading all-in-one mining and cloud service platform, shall be organized under the Bitdeer Group of companies, founded by Jihan Wu. The Bitdeer Group has made official announcements regarding its upcoming business development roadmap with a smart mining service provider, among others., the all-inclusive mining and cloud service platform, will officially be one of the companies under the Bitdeer Group, which is founded by Jihan Wu, the co-founder of Bitmain. This announcement comes as part of a strategy implemented by the Bitdeer Group where the group plans to build a more integrated mining ecosystem to further grow the mining community.

According to CEO Matt Kong, the Bitdeer Group aims to provide channels for miners, institutional and retail investors, mining equipment suppliers, and business partners to obtain digital assets and value-added services.

The Bitdeer Group is a group of companies specializing in providing a well-rounded experience in the mining industry with its comprehensive and integrated ecosystem. As the chairman of Bitdeer Group, Jihan Wu stated that the group is committed to providing digital asset mining services to global mining investors. The Bitdeer Group includes the leading mining and cloud service platform, as well as smart mining service provider Mining++. is an integral part of the group of companies as it will continue to serve its customers with its expertise in the cloud hashrate sector with its mining plans and cloud hosting products, as well as access to mining equipment and facilities. Mining++ is an integrated smart mining infrastructure, positioned to support the group by providing professional cloud intelligent infrastructure services for miners and owners of mining facilities.

With the announcement of this new business strategy, the Bitdeer Group has shared its views on the future development of the cloud service and mining space in general. In light of the recent fluctuations in bitcoin prices and mining difficulty, as well as the change in mining rewards, Kong believes that miners will be seeking better resources and services. In response to this, Kong stated that the group is focused on building and supporting advanced mining machines and data management systems, as well as securing lower electricity prices, to meet the needs of the market. Companies such as BitDeer and Mining++ have garnered worldwide acclaim as industry leaders through years of experience and a solid understanding of the mining community, its trends, and its business operations. With this, the Bitdeer Group strives to maintain its position as the world’s most reliable mining service provider by improving the operational efficiency and convenience of its cloud services.

“Market innovation and the service towards customers come first. Being authentic and reliable are the key values we have at the Bitdeer Group. In the event of changes, we choose to embrace it as an opportunity,” said Kong

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