Crypto and the Metaverse Form a Perfect Match

3 min readAug 30, 2021


As the metaverse goes mainstream, crypto will be its official currency.

The metaverse is framed as the future of life, work, and play. There are forward-thinking variations, like a VR-integrated environment where people anywhere in the world can meet in a shared digital space, as showcased by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. And there are existing, popular manifestations like the massive open game universes of Fortnite and Roblox.

At the moment, the metaverse is still in its nascent stage, but we can see its potential to connect people in new ways that produce shared experiences. This is an important step to form a tight-knit community that returns for entertainment, commerce, and other purposes.

Shared digital realities are becoming more expansive and populous. Consider the popularity of virtual concerts held by Travis Scott and Ariana Grande on Fortnite, netting 12 million and 78 million live participants respectively, as well as Lil Nas X’s 33 million viewers on Roblox.

Events like these demonstrate the potency of our yearning to use and experience online environments in new ways. As the metaverse is built out to overlap with more aspects of our lives, there will be new opportunities for creators of all stripes to sculpt and render unique expressions for all participants. This reshaping of the creator economy will require a channel of commerce and transactions that are reliable and native to this digital environment — is there a better form than cryptocurrency?

The Metaverse and Crypto Already Intersect

Let’s be clear: the metaverse is not an extension of the internet. It’s the next stage of how we think about and utilize virtual space. This mirrors the way many members of the crypto community think about digital currencies.

Already, there are examples of how crypto is being used in the metaverse. In June, a digital land plot represented by non-fungible tokens in Decentraland, an open-world game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, sold for US$913,000. This pales in comparison to the US$2 million sale of land in The Sandbox, a similar gaming metaverse, in February.

These sizable transactions took place via crypto, and illustrate that crypto is a trusted, even preferred, choice for these transfers of ownership. As more people join various metaverses, it’s reasonable to expect them to become part of the global crypto community as well.

Build Your Crypto Holdings in Anticipation of the Metaverse

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